Funding & Aid

Financial aid is offered to incoming Ph.D. students in the form of a graduate fellowship. Graduate students seeking a master's degree are not funded through the graduate fellowships.

The fellowship for Ph.D. students includes a stipend for living expenses from the department and a tuition waiver from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Many of our students continue to receive financial support in the form of research assistantships throughout their studies.

Funding Opportunities

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to seek out these funding opportunities — some before applying. Many CMOR students have been successful in earning prestigious national fellowships, including the following:

Teaching Assistantships

CMOR provides limited teaching assistantships to advanced doctoral students, in their 2nd year and above, who have indicated an interest in a career in academia or would like to add a teaching experience to their CV.

CMOR master's students are not funded through the graduate fellowships. However, if a student secures a competitive national or industrial fellowship for stipend, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies may provide a full or partial tuition waiver. Students who believe they might be eligible for a tuition waiver must provide proof of fellowship through the department. The graduate administrator will submit this request for review.

Tuition & Fees

A breakdown of tuition and fees is available at University Cashier.

For more information about financial help, contact the Office of Financial Aid.