Colloquia & Special Lectures

This academic year, Colloquia will be held on Mondays at 3:00 PM in Duncan Hall 1064 between the First and Last Days of Classes in each semester.  Any talks outside this time and day will be scheduled as a Special Lecture. 


Fall 2022

August 22 - Departmental Organizational Meeting

August 29 - Ted Loch-Temzelides
"On Fixed Points of Locally and Pointwise Contractive Set-Valued Maps with an Application to the Existence of Nash Equilibrium in Games"
Host: Schaefer

September 5 - Labor Day -- No Classes

September 12 - David Lipschutz
"Neuroscience-inspired Online Learning Algorithms"
Host: Pang

September 19 - William Christian
"Branch Decompositions: Linear-Time Graph Algorithms and Where to Find Them"
Host: Hicks

September 26 - Suleyman Kerimov
"Near-Optimal Policies for Dynamic Matching"
Host: Perez-Salazar

October 3 - Mallesh M Pai
"Online Minimax Multiobjective Optimization: Multicalibeating and Other Applications"
Host: Perez-Salazar

October 5 - Robert D. Moser -- Joint Special Lecture with Department of Mechanical Engineering
Location: Ryon Engineering Laboratory, RM 201

"Modeling and Numerical Discretization in Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence"
Host: Hassanzadeh and Chan

October 10 - Midterm Recess -- No Classes

October 17 - Mette Olufsen
"Patient Specific Multiscale Cardiovascular Dynamics Models"
Host: Riviere

October 24 - Thomas Senftle
"Accelerating the Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts with Statistical Learning"

October 31 - Rodrigo Bañuelos -- Special Lecture
Location: Duncan Hall, McMurtry Auditorium, RM 1055
"Probability Tools in Harmonic Analysis"
Host: Tapia Center

November 7 - Carol Woodward
"Evaluation of Numerical Process Coupling Approaches in Global Atmosphere Simulation"
Host: Riviere.

November 14 - Vineet Goyal
"Optimal Competitive Ratio Algorithm for Online Allocation of Reusable Resources"
Host: Perez-Salazar

November 21 - Speaker

November 28 - Alexander Watson
"Twisted bilayer graphene at the moir\’e scale"
Host: Hicks

December 5 - Souvik Dhara 
"Latent Structures in Large-scale Networks with Censored Data"

December 8 - Chao Ma -- Special Lecture
"Implicit biases of optimization algorithms for neural networks and their effects on generalization"
Host: Hicks

December 12 - Di Fang 
"Quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation with unbounded operators"
Host: Hicks

December 15 - Gary Choi  -- Special Lecture
"Geometric Design of Kirigami Metamaterials"
Host: Hicks

Spring 2023

January 9 - Federico Fuentes 
"Exploiting polynomial optimization in nonlinear mechanics"
Host: Hicks

January 12 - Ionut-Gabriel Farcas  -- Special Lecture
"Enabling many-query applications at scale via structure-exploiting data-driven methods"
Host: Hicks

January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day -- No Classes

January 19 - TBA

January 20 -  Peter Richtarik -- Special Lecture
"On the 5th generation of local training methods"
Host: Ma

January 23 - Thomas Anderson
"Fast, Optimal-complexity Algorithms and Analysis in Potential Theory"
Host: Hicks

January 26 - Lu Zhang  -- Special Lecture
"Coupling physics-deep learning inversion"
Host: Hicks

January 30 - Andrew Stuart
"The Mean-Field Ensemble Kalman Filter"
Host: Heinkenschloss

February 2 - Guher Camliyurt -- Special Lecture
"Global well-posedness and scattering in nonlinear wave equations"
Host: Hicks

February 6 - Isaac Harris
"Regularization of the Factorization Method with Applications"
Host: Hicks

February 13 - Selvaprabu Nadarajah
"Self-Adapting Network Relaxations for Weakly Coupled Markov Decision Processes"
Host: Perez-Salazar

February 20 - Tianbao Yang
"Distributional Robust Optimization for ML/AI: Algorithms and Applications"
Host: Ma

February 27 - Alfredo Torrico
"Capacity Planning in Stable Matching: An Application to School Choice"
Host: Perez-Salazar

March 6 - Dr. Travis Thompson
"Meshes, methods and modeling: An ecosystem for mathematical neurology"
Host: Riviere

March 8 - Dr. John Harlim -- Joint Seminar with MECH
"Machine Learning of Missing Dynamical Systems"
Host: Pang

March 13 - Spring Break -- No Classes

March 20 - Marie Rognes
"Perivascular pathways and the dimension-2 gap"
Host: Riviere

March 27 - Adam Wierman ---Shell Lecture Series on Energy-Related Mathematics
"Learning-Augmented Algorithms for Safety-Critical Systems"
Host: Pang and Perez-Salazar

April 3 - Florencia Kabas
"Quantifying the value of flexibility in the midst of uncertainty"
Host: Perez-Salazar

April 10 - Jong-Shi Pang
"A bird's-eye view of modern ``non''-optimization"
Host: Ma

April 13 - Irene Lo -- Special Lecture with Kinder Institute
"Designing School Choice for Diversity in the San Francisco Unified School District"
Host: Hicks

April 17 - Jesus De Loera
"Things We Still Do Not Understand About the Simplex Method"
Host: Ma

April 20 - Alireza Fallah -- Special Lecture
"Data Markets and Learning: Privacy Mechanisms and Personalization"
Host: Hicks

April 21 - Katya Scheinberg -- Special Lecture
"Overview of adaptive stochastic optimization methods"
Host: Ma

April 24 - Huseyin Topaloglu -- Special Lecture
"Joint Inventory Allocation and Assortment Optimization with Performance Guarantees"
Host: Perez-Salazar