Colloquia & Special Lectures

This academic year, colloquia will be held at 3:00 PM in Duncan Hall room 1064.

Fall 2022

August 22 - Departmental Organizational Meeting

August 29 - Ted Loch-Temzelides
"On Fixed Points of Locally and Pointwise Contractive Set-Valued Maps with an Application to the Existence of Nash Equilibrium in Games"
Host: Schaefer

September 5 - Labor Day -- No Classes

September 12 - David Lipschutz
"Neuroscience-inspired Online Learning Algorithms"
Host: Pang

September 19 - William Christian
"Branch Decompositions: Linear-Time Graph Algorithms and Where to Find Them"
Host: Hicks

September 26 - Suleyman Kerimov
"Near-Optimal Policies for Dynamic Matching"
Host: Perez-Salazar

October 3 - Mallesh M Pai
"Online Minimax Multiobjective Optimization: Multicalibeating and Other Applications"
Host: Perez-Salazar

October 5 - Robert D. Moser -- Joint Special Lecture with Department of Mechanical Engineering
Location: Ryon Engineering Laboratory, RM 201

"Modeling and Numerical Discretization in Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence"
Host: Hassanzadeh and Chan

October 10 - Midterm Recess -- No Classes

October 17 - Mette Olufsen
Host: Riviere

October 24 - Thomas Senftle

October 31 - Rodrigo Bañuelos
Host: Tapia

November 7 - Carol Woodward
Host: Riviere.

November 14 - Vineet Goyal
Host: Perez-Salazar

Novembe21- Speaker

November 28 - Speaker